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Training our clients to be safe and responsible is our #1 priority. Our instructor was trained and continues to be trained by law enforcement and military specialists with over 25 years of teaching experience. Classes are small to provide an intimate and comprehensive environment. Wing to wing consulting available after the certification class to ensure you move forward confidently. Once a client, always a client, all you have to do is call with questions. The entire course is completed in the Stamford/Norwalk area.  We do not have to drive to Bridgeport.


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"The Coursework"

- Basics of firearms safety and responsibility
- Functions of revolver and semi-automatic pistols
- Proper body positioning
- Process for accurate precision shooting
- Rules for the gun range
- Maintaining your firearms
- Safeguarding your firearms
- Continuing your training
- The pistol permit application process


“The Range Time”

- Safety exercises to present the firearms clear for a “Cease Fire”
- Loading and unloading
- Body positioning and grip essentials
- The science of “trigger control” in conjunction with sight alignment to the target
- Variance of point of aim (POA) to the point of impact (POI) and how to make your corrections
- Introduction to Timed Threat Response and Sport
- Shooting as an inspiration to continue your training
- You will fire between 75-100 rounds


Advanced Training

- Armed and unarmed self defense to respond to sudden attacks
- Threat assessment and threat mitigation.
- Body mechanics, foot work, positioning, blocking, linear striking
- Sub 1 threat simulations (how to respond to a threat in under 1 second)
- Core engaged strength training
- Restoring the body for a lifetime of functional strength

Take action

This class offers an extended range time experience for your added understanding of how to safely and responsibly command a firearm.  This experience ensures you will feel comfortable to safely and responsibly own a firearm.

test different firearms

Test firearms to make an informed purchase
Test in precision mode for target accuracy
Test in tactical or sport mode for advanced command
The etiquette of shopping for firearms
Continuing your training

I highly recommend it to anyone serious about safely handling a firearm in today’s world. Joe is a true professional of the highest standard. He brings a tactful, common sense and martial arts approach to the immense responsibility of owning a firearm.
— Mark, Real Estate Sales
Joe was professional, energetic, comprehensive, and engaging. I am still amazed by how much I learned in such a short time. Outstanding instructor. I would recommend him (and have already) to anyone.
— Robert C., Attorney
Joe was an extremely passionate instructor that was great to learn from as an absolute beginner. You can tell he takes his job as a chief range safety officer seriously and knows what he is doing. He took the material which was quite extensive and presented it to our group in a clear and concise way. He mixes in real life examples from his many years of experience to drill down on the material while maintaining a fun and safe environment. He took an intimidating subject and made it easy to get comfortable with. I am looking forward to practicing and continuing to refine what he taught me.
— Matt Rorick, Manager, Pricing and Syndications
I really enjoyed the training. I liked that it was in a small group and cozy setting, it made me feel comfortable. The content was very informative, I learned a lot from him, his experience and knowledge. Thanks Joe!
— Stephanie Leone-Kim, Freelance designer
Joe was able to convey an extensive amount of information while engaging with individual clients/students in a manner that made sense for each of us. Serious business, but Joe also made it a fun experience.
— Brad Sry, Credit Risk Professional
My wife and I spent many hours advancing our handgun skills with Joe. Though Joe is very knowledgeable and can be quite serious, especially about safety, he has an engaging personality that immediately puts even a beginner at ease. We were new to the sport of shooting handguns and Joe made us comfortable from the start. In the first several lessons he covered the basics of target shooting including a healthy dose of safety training. As we advanced into more tactical training Joe would circle back to the basics whenever he saw us make mistakes. Joe can teach target shooting with great skill and patience but his passion is clearly tactical shooting. He likes to work on rapid target acquisition, shooting with both eyes open, and shooting while under the stress of the clock to name just a few of the skills we learned. I would recommend Joe for both beginners and experienced shooters. His depth of knowledge, warm personality and tactical expertise will allow everyone to learn and advance their shooting skills.
— Joe Swain, Chief Financial Officer
Joe is a great teacher with a strong passion for what he does.  His ability to motivate and inspire his students to learn more about shooting as a sport rather than just having a pistol permit is amazing.  The dedication he has for his job is unlike any other.  I recommend Joe to anyone looking to get a pistol permit.
— Kerilyn