About Us

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  • Our instructor was trained and continues to be trained by law enforcement and military specialists with over 25 years of professional coaching experience in multiple disciplines.
  • He is a Chief Range Safety Officer providing a safe shooting environment for clients and standard operating procedures (SOP) to public and private ranges.
  • Gun permit certification classes are small to provide an intimate and comprehensive environment.
  • Range time is advanced.  Each client receives a 1 on 1, 30 minute range session firing around 75 rounds. 
  • The entire course including range time is completed in Stamford and Norwalk.


  • WEEK NIGHT CLASSES every Monday and Wednesday to save your weekends from an all day course. Range time Saturday or Sunday mornings.
  • Private (in-home) classes available for family and friends.
  • Consulting available after the certification class to ensure you move forward confidently with the right firearms and accessories for you. 

NY RESIDENTS are encouraged to take the class with live fire range time in CT to make an informed firearm purchase per the NY gun permit process of purchasing a firearm before you submit your application. Group pricing available. 



gun permit course work

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  • Firearms safety and responsibility
  • Functions of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Components of ammunition
  • History and development of firearms
  • Understanding the body
  • The 5 points for accurate precision shooting
  • Rules for the gun range
  • Maintaining your firearms
  • Safeguarding your firearms
  • Continuing your training
  • The gun permit application process
  • How to store a firearm in your home
  • Psychology of becoming a firearm home
  • Educating your family and friends

gun permit range time

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  • Safety exercises for a CEASE FIRE
  • Loading and unloading
  • Body positioning and grip essentials
  • Site Alignment and Site Picture
  • The science of “trigger control” 
  • The variance of point of aim (POA) to point of impact (POI) and how to make corrections on target.
  • Introduction to timed threat response and sport shooting as an inspiration to continue your training
  • Photographs and training review
  • You will fire around 75 rounds in 30 minutes
  • Range conveniently located in Norwalk only 15 minutes from White Plains.

Advanced Training

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  • Understanding your environment
  • Threat assessment and threat mitigation
  • Armed and unarmed self defense
  • Body mechanics, foot work and positioning
  • How to respond to an immediate threat
  • Advanced Firearms training
  • Speed reloads and tactical simulations
  • Advanced Ammunition
  • Training for IPSC and USPSA
  • Law Enforcement qualification training
  • Blue Card Security, Bail Bonds and Correctional Officer range training towards certification
  • Core engaged strength and endurance training
  • Restoring the body for lifetime of functional strength

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Premier Training

This gun permit certification class offers an extended range time experience for your added understanding of how to safely and responsibly command a firearm for sport or defense. We will give you advanced exercises and drills to continue your training for years to come.

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Testing a firearm

In order to make an informed firearm purchase, we will discuss your needs and goals (target shooting, home defense, concealed carry etc) with range time to test different firearms.  We will practice in both precision mode for target accuracy and tactical or sport mode for advanced command.  We will review the etiquette of shopping for firearms.

I highly recommend it to anyone serious about safely handling a firearm in today’s world.  Joe is a true professional of the highest standard. He brings a tactful, common sense and martial arts approach to the immense responsibility of owning a firearm.” - Mark


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