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Coursework - Basic Pistol Certification

Basics of firearms safety and responsibility. 
Functions of revolver and semi-automatic pistols.
Body positioning and process for accurate precision shooting.
Rules for the gun range.
Maintaining your firearms.
Safeguarding your firearms
Continuing your training
The pistol permit application process

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Range Time

Safety exercises to present the firearms clear for a “Cease Fire.”
Loading and unloading
Body positioning and grip essentials
The science of “trigger control” in conjunction with sight alignment to the target
Variance of point of aim (POA) to the point of impact (POI) and how to make your corrections.
Introduction to Timed Threat Response and Sport
Shooting as an inspiration to continue your training.
You will fire between 75-100 rounds. (This is a premium course)

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Advanced Training

Armed and unarmed self defense to respond to sudden attacks.
Threat assessment and threat mitigation.
Body mechanics, foot
work, positioning, blocking, linear striking.
1 threat simulations (how to respond to a threat in under 1 second).
Core engaged strength training.
Restoring the body for a lifetime of functional strength.

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Testing and Purchasing Firearms

Testing firearms to make an informed purchase.
Testing in precision mode for target accuracy.
Testing in tactical or sport mode for advanced command.
The etiquette of shopping for firearms.
Continuing your training.

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